Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation, Inc.
Mission: As the major source of fundraising for Westfield Memorial Hospital, the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation will work with the hospital in providing financial support for the delivery of high quality healthcare to the residents of the Chautauqua region. Relationships with friends of the foundation will be continuously  nurtured with the goal of establishing a lifetime of giving.
The Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation
Incorporated in 1978, the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation has continued to adhere to its mission. Although it is a separate entity, the foundation exists wholly to financially support Westfield Memorial Hospital by conducting annual campaigns.
Spencer Legacy Society
Besides annual giving, the foundation has created The Spencer Legacy Society through which you may guarantee that quality health care will be available to serve the community and, at the same time, reduce your tax burden. To become a member, several choices are available to you:
vInclude the foundation in your estate planning 
vTrust fund 
vRetirement account/life insurance policy 
vInclude the foundation in your will 
Funding Sources
Philanthropic gifts to the foundation come from several sources, the most important being contributions to each annual fund. Others include:
vIndividual contributions 
vMemorials and honorariums 
vPhysicians and associates
vHospital Board Members
   and Foundation Board Members 
vSpecial Event Fundraisers
Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation
189 East Main Street
Westfield, NY 14787
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